Sunday, July 10, 2011

Can I ask a favour? I'll make cookies!

I love my kitchen.  Its big and airy with high ceilings, warm colours, a brick wall, natural light and a radio to keep my company while I busy myself.  The cupboards are stocked with all sorts of fun spices and ingredients and the shelves are packed with jars of various baking needs, nuts & seeds, dried grains and peas.  The fridge is normally quite sparse as I like to buy fresh whenever possible, but on any given day the produce drawer will be overflowing with green leafy abundance and the dry storage will have a collection of root vegetables as well as onions, garlic and ginger for flavour.  Did I mention I love my kitchen?

I have an apartment with no outdoor storage, and as you can see by this picture, I have to keep my bike inside.  Because the rest of the apartment is carpeted, the only space left is tucked in between the oven and the counter.  This method of bike-housing has gone on far too long.  And with the addition of another bike to our growing bike-family, something simply must be done!  I've put the feelers out to my father - who happens to be very handy with the tools - to help me decide on a better bike storage system.  And because I really have ZERO expertise in that area, I have decided to pay back the favour (because really, how much work am I actually going to be able to help with?!) in one of the few ways I know how.  Baking.  So in anticipation of the arrival of the handy man (my dad) I've raided the cupboards and come up with a last-minute cookie creation that I hope will display my affection for the help I'm receiving in reclaiming my kitchen.

I was lucky enough to receive some homemade jam from family this summer, and I was inspired to make thumb-print jam cookies the way I remember when I was a kid; this time gluten-free of course.  I set to work on a cookie dough along the lines of my Macaroon recipe and make a well in the centre of each cookie before I baked them for about 10 min.  I filled each well with a spoon of Jam and baked them again until golden.

Hopefully they're good enough to encourage someone to help me with a laborious task!  And here's hoping that someday soon I'll have more space to play around in my kitchen.

Wishing you Health and Happiness,

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